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We have custom designed homes specifically for the site location, the views, the path of the sun, the native vegetation and the local weather.  Each home has been a labor of love and enjoyment.



I designed, built, decorated and landscaped this unique desert home in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

Split rail fence, river rock posts, slate walkway, gravel yard, drip system

Vaulted ceiling, wood burning fireplace, patio doors


Kept native vegetation, dug upper & lower ponds, hand placed river rock for streambed, built little bridge, installed upper deck and put in pump system

Screened master bedroom patio, handmade screen door, Dichondra ground cover 

This lovely home was created by me in Hemet, California

 First Built in 1986 Now

Back Yard Wood burning Fireplace


I assembled these Kirby pre-engineered steel buildings when I was the franchised builder.

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