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A QUALITY PAINT JOB includes proper preparation, application and quality paint and materials. 

  • Good quality paint goes on faster and easier.

  • You may need LESS COATS to achieve an attractive uniform appearance.

  • Quality paint resists dirt and staining better, and stands up to repeated cleaning better than an "economy" paint. 

  • You should expect a top quality paint to last longer and give you more value.

 I use Benjamin Moore paint, Sikkens, and Fine Paints of Europe.


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Exterior painted moss green

Exterior painted

Exterior painted

Exterior walls, shutters, eaves and fence were painted

Wooden shakes on garage wall, exterior wall, and lattice panels were painted

All of the exterior painted

Walls and ceiling painted throughout house; tile flooring installed

Painted walls of two rooms

Painted family room walls

Painted master suite walls

Stained and varnished handcrafted cabinets

Painted walls and moulding; stained ceiling

Painted walls, ceiling and moulding

Stained and varnished cabinets

Painted walls and moulding

Removed grime after years of neglect

Replaced damaged shingles and caulked openings

Painting protects shingles and decking plus gives a "fresh look" to home